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Kids' Action Idea List

Organize an Email Troops Freedom Walk at your school on September 11, 2007. Or, join one in your community.


Create a handmade thank you card or letter with your personal message for a service member and send it through A Million Thanks at www.amillionthanks.org

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Recycle cell phones, pagers, cartridges, and PDAs to buy phone cards for troops by contacting Cell Phones For Soldiers at www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com


Organize a school supply kit drive to send to Iraqi children through www.operationiraqichildren.org


Provide paperback books for the troops through Operation Paperback at www.operationpaperback.org


Send CDs and videos to recovering military in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center by contacting Angels of Mercy at www.supportourwounded.org


Invite a member of the Armed Services to speak to your class.
For more information, contact www.defendamerica.mil/speakers/SpeakerProgram2.html


When you see a person in military uniform, or a retired member of the military, you could say “Thank you for serving our country.”


Adopt a deployed U.S. service person by signing up to be a pen pal at www.mysoldier.com