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Musical Tributes

A number of government officials and celebrities, including actors, comedians and musicians, have shown their support of America's troops by making video announcements.

Musical Tributes


If you are interested in performing for the troops please visit  Armed Forces Entertainment  

Professional Recording Artists

Who Will Stand
Greg Bonham

Greg Bonham is an Aussie farm boy who has traveled the world doing what he loves, performing. His career has taken him from the world of television, recording and concert performances ‘down under,’ to England, where he spent six years…and now the USA. Greg is a corporate favorite and a ‘headliner’ in the major Las Vegas Casino showrooms. “I am primarily an entertainer…a singer, but I also feature trumpet in my shows and will always have the ‘soul’ of a musician.
“Everyday life changed for me and the rest of the free world after 9/11. It shook us to the very core and in that time of uncertainty we were truly united. We must never forget the incredible

Greg Bonham

strength we shared back then. Everyone was passionately patriotic, with a renewed appreciation for life and the value of freedom. I wrote this song for people who are prepared to STAND UP for their principles and I dedicate it to the men and women of the Armed Services.

We Love the USA
David Burke

David Burke wrote "We Love the USA" (A Tribute to our Armed Forces - © 2006) to honor our troops (present and past), enrich American pride, and strengthen our support and appreciation for the brave men and women who have protected our country and

David Burke

preserved our liberty. A video presentation with the song is available at www.WeLoveTheUSA.net

Red, White and Blue
Bonnie Nichols

Bonnie Nichols is a singer/songwriter from Soldotna, Alaska. She is published on two Grammy-finalist children’s albums; “A Child’s Gift of Lullabyes,” and “Snuggle Up; A Gift of Songs for Sweet Dreams,” with J. Aaron Brown of Nashville, TN. Her latest CD release, I’ve Got Something to Say, is a collection of songs; each of which contains a powerful message.

Bonnie NicholsWhile we’ve all struggled with our involvement in the war, Bonnie wrote a love song to our troops titled, “Red, White and Blue.” When not performing and writing, she works as a hospital Marketing and Public Relations Director.

Thanks to Him I Can was written after viewing a segment of an Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah’s guests were family or friends of loved ones who had recently been killed while deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The guests were sharing the very last letters written and sent home by their loved ones.

Thanks to Him I Can is a tribute to these and all of the other brave warriors who willingly lay their lives on the line, doing what

Doug Brzak

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