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EmailTroops.Com helps Soldiers and Their Families
Imagine being far from home during the Holidays - this is what over 200,000 American men and women in our Armed Forces will face this year. Whether in Iraq, at Sea or at one of our Military Bases around the World, the men and women who have chosen to devote their lives to serve our Country's Military will most likely be without their families this Holiday Season. Started by a local family in Vero Beach, EmailTroops.Com is a NON-POLITICAL website that allows all of us to send Good Wishes and Seasons Greetings to our men and women overseas. “Having relatives serving in Iraq prompted us to start EMailTroops.Com”, says Mike Olvey, “The Olvey Family has had 3 family members serve in the Middle East and this site is a great opportunity for people to show how much they appreciate and support young soldiers who are overseas”.

    EmailTroops.Com isn't just a place for you to send good wishes to our troops, though - its MUCH more. EmailTroops.Com is also a "One Source" information location for members of the Armed Forces and their Families, with links to over 150 charitable organizations that can help soldiers' families get everything from free phone calling cards to financial assistance. The site also has numerous links for the soldiers themselves to get support or help with VA benefits. Serving Soldiers and their families from all 50 states, EMailTroops.Com continues to provide support and assistance to all our heroes overseas.                                                    

   So visit EmailTroops.Com today, check out the latest news affecting our Soldiers overseas, leave an email message for them, or post a photo of YOUR loved one serving our Country to let them know they're not forgotten this Holiday Season.